AZZLY is Partnering With Tribal Health Organizations

AZZLY® wants to be your preferred vendor partner for your Outpatient clinics, Residential Programs, and OTP Programs.

A Holistic Solution for Tribal Health

AZZLY serves behavioral health and addiction treatment programs across all levels of care (LOC) with a solution “purpose-built” to deliver a friendlier user experience. We designed our Electronic Health Record (EHR), Patient Management (PM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform AZZLY Rize™ based on feedback from providers like you.

Healthcare organizations serving native communities benefit from an integrated solution that serves the full continuum of care for residential and outpatient programs. That includes:

  • DrFirst® E-Prescribing and state PDMP seamlessly integrated for ease of use
  • Integration with MethodOne for Methadone and/or Suboxone Dispensing if needed
  • A Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) to help with client retention
  • Zoom® for Seamless Telehealth
  • Access to a Master Library of Forms, Joint Commission and CARF Compliant
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) features and services to help you get paid faster
  • And more

Whether you’re just opening your program or you’re an established treatment organization, AZZLY subject matter specialists are here to make your job easier. From Training & Implementation Services, to Billing and Claims Creation, to Credentialing Services, let the AZZLY Team be a trusted resource for you.


If you’re a Tribal Nation Director, Administrator or Consultant we want to know more about you, your needs and how we may become the foundation for better outpatient services in your community.

Affiliate Partner

AZZLY® and Tribalhealth Alliance® are collaborating on integrating behavior and mental health services as a holistic approach of the care team model and expanding revenue opportunities through telehealth.

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