MAT labs can click once and add a panel of lab codes to a claim. No limit to the amount of codes in the panel. Throw out your spreadsheets!

Utilization Review Alert Report eliminate spreadsheets for tracking authorizations. Print the report daily or weekly to determine your UR workflow for the coming week. Authorization Numbers are entered along with date range and Review Date. The system does the calculations for you.

AR Billing Reports provide follow up on all claims until claims have zero balance. Documenting the collection process has been simplified in AZZLY Rize . Claims are easily viewed by aging buckets to stay on top of collections. Supervisors find these reports allow them to easily monitor their Collection staff.

Our Financial Report provides extensive information on each claim by selecting your date range and filter. CFO’s often comment that they love this report.

Lady Filling Paperwork

1. What type of services and or licenses do you currently have?

  • Is it mental health, addiction treatment, eating disorder or a combination?
  • What Levels of Care are covered?
  • What Mental Health age group?
  • Where do your reimbursements come from?
  • Do you provide drug screening services?
  • Do you have an in-house lab?

2. Billing

  • Do you charge for ancillary services?
  • Do you bill for professional and institutional services?
  • Do you bill for MAT or Office Based Opioid Treatment?
  • Do you use Superbills?
  • Are you able to generate your own billing/financial/ census reports?

3. Our Advantages

  • 98% Clean Claim Rate
  • Autofill claim fills
  • Complete & send claims in 20+ seconds
  • Premium Clearinghouse services through all payer Availity service
  • Direct connect to all Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies
  • Direct connect to Anthem
  • Diagnoses & patient information autofill
  • Customized Superbills

4. Other key questions to consider:

  • What is it about your current billing system that causes you pain?
  • What do you expect out of your next system?

In the analysis phase, where AZZLY Enterprise solutions executives “ get to know you”, your programs and what features within AZZLY you will utilize, they will determine, among other things, a facility’s billing model, to guide you on which AZZLY Rize package best fits your needs.

For facilities with billing staff, the AZZLY Enterprise package includes UR forms, payor & authorization screens, patient payments, RCM, eBilling and Claims, and an Analytics Reporting Engine. These features also make AZZLY Rize an ideal solution for facilities bringing billing in house for the first time, as our eLearning platform supported by expert billing training staff make it easy to convert.

We have several affordable billing options to consider. Complete a form for more information.

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