Patient Engagement


The first step to initially engage a client to become a patient is when they, a loved one, a drug court, a legal source or an agency, contacts your center. How easy do you make it to gather the required information to see if the individual can be served by one of your programs? How do you capture insurance verification data to see if they have the necessary coverage? Do you scribble on a piece of paper their name and some basic info then hang up and realize you missed a digit or forgot a critical ask? Do you pass that paper along to a staff member for follow up and they forget?

In AZZLY Rize our Pre- Registration feature offers the ability to capture as much, or as little, information as you can on that first call. This feature allows you to complete the demographics, contact information, any legal issues or contacts, insurance name and number etc. and stores it in your database for follow up. Read on to read how we thread this all together for you…


So for some new clients/patients would you like for them to complete select intake documents and consents before they present for the first time? Do you have an easy way to do that and get the forms back completed?

What we offer in AZZLY Rize is a widget to embed on your website for clients to complete your select admission documents and send them securely back for you for review and upload to their document folder. This can speed your intake process by having required forms completed, signed and uploaded into the patient document folder.

Email, efax

How do you handle when a client/patient wants to email or fax confidential information to you? In AZZLY Rize, sign in, and within your account you get a secure email and fax so those that you serve can email or fax to your facility and it is received in your in message box for review then attachment to the patient documents area.

All lab results also are received internally for review and assignment to each patient. The fast results assist in making any required adjustments to a treatment plan to improve clinical outcomes.


How do you track status or outcomes such as referrals in, referrals out, referred by, AMA, Graduated, Discharged? Patient Engagement means never letting an individual in need slip through the cracks. Whether that individual is referred in or referred out, or when an episode of care ends no matter what the outcome, having an analytic engine to run reports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually saves you countless of hours creating manual spreadsheets from multiple softwares. Timely reports to Boards and reporting agencies is what most facilities are striving for when reporting key performance indicators.


How do you keep in touch with Alumni? Most facilities recognize the value of a successful graduate and many spend a lot of money trying to keep in touch. Through our modern technology, keeping in touch with alumni is easy. Because AZZLY Rize has the ability for you to set the time frame you want to search within the analytics engine and the outcome, you have the ability to stay in touch regularly to either get a referral or to make sure you are the program of choice if the need arises again.

Creating a new episode of care on readmission is simple and the ability to view prior history is seamless. No need to start from scratch gathering history when it already is in the patient record, just start a new episode of care and update all records. Simple and easy.

Paper is dead, and not just because the government incentivized it out (Social Insignia – 2014) – patients want you to use EHRs; 82% report they receive better care with an EHR (CDW CommunIT).