Patient Engagement

In the digital age, and with the rise of remote work, providers need a mobile solution that can do it all…and patients want one too! AZZLY’s patient engagement solution integrates patient-facing forms, education, and messaging into an all-in-one solution for behavioral healthcare providers. This strengthens treatment programs with improved staff efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Providers and patients can access the patient engagement portal through their computer, tablet, or phone. Providers will provide patients with login credentials to begin using the secure communication tool.

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Document Center

Put educational documents and videos in your patients’ hands so that they can review and re-review at their own pace in between sessions. When it comes to behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment, fact-based education is crucial.

The platform is highly customizable, allowing providers to upload their preferred documents and change visibility as a client progresses through treatment.

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Message Center

Our HIPAA-compliant message center connects staff members and clients in real-time, bringing the efficiency of texting to a safe line of patient-provider communication. 

Users can automate message routing and escalation by roles. Auto-translation allows users to communicate in their preferred language with delays in care.

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Forms Center

Measuring patient data has never been this easy. Providers can ensure timely compliance with required forms, surveys, and documents, while patients have the convenience of completing before they arrive. Providers can monitor completion status and proactively reach out. The forms center supports remote screening and assessment.

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Did you know 60% of treatment program graduates never engage with their treatment center again?

Modern tools ensure continued engagement and greater outcomes.

Expected January 2021

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