Making E-Prescribing Safer For Behavioral Health And Addiction Treatment Providers And Patients

Making E-Prescribing Safer for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Providers and Patients

The more we know about the complexity of addiction, the more effectively we can treat it and then advocate for those with the disease. Medications in combination with counseling and psychotherapy tend to be the most effective approach to treatment. This includes abstinence from all mood- and mind-altering chemicals except those that are prescribed appropriately for the disease.
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Dr. Andrea Barthwell Discusses the Challenges of Opioid Use Disorder Providers and Patients in the Age of COVID

In the 10th edition of our Talking Treatment™ podcast, AZZLY® had the honor of hosting a very esteemed guest: the Honorable Andrea Barthwell, M.D., DFASAM. Dr. Andrea Barthwell is Senior Advisor and Strategist to AZZLY. Dr. Barthwell previously served as…

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