Mental Health Practice Management Software

Mental Health EMR & EHR Software Helps to Provide Continuity of Care

Our advanced mental health EMR & EHR software was developed in response to a growing realization that mental health care providers just didn’t have the necessary solutions when it came to providing a joined up administrative and care solution. Not only were existing systems clumsy and time-consuming to administer, the potential for error meant that vulnerable people were ending up slipping through the cracks and not getting the seamless service they deserved. That’s why we have created flexible, responsive software that maximizes the potential for optimal care provision. Our mental health practice management software is designed to be easy to use, fast to install and capable of capturing all the information necessary to make administrative tasks as straight-forward and efficient as possible. We recognize that EMR for mental health services needs to have the capacity to work well with patients who may have difficulty with remembering appointments, sorting out insurance and similar issues, which is why we’ve pioneered a fresh way of working that can transform your administrative systems.

Addiction Medicine EMR

Our system enables your clinic to manage EMR, customer relations, your revenue cycle and other office procedures using a single, easily accessible portal. This approach not only improves the patient experience, it can also enhance efficiency, facilitate clients in continuing to access your services, reduce the rate of non-attendance for appointments and similar non-compliance, improve the integrity of clinical records and increase the rate at which you get paid for the treatment you provide. With so many advantages, it’s little wonder that a growing number of practices are opting to use addiction medicine EMR.

Updated EMR for Mental Health Providers

We are constantly improving our software, ensuring that what we offer our customers showcases some of the most sophisticated and useful features you’ll find on the market. The current version of EMR software that we offer includes streamlined office team workflows, responsive format so that it can be used on tablets and phones as well as laptops, and PIN access for clients. All of these features result in cutting-edge software that can make a demonstrable difference to your bottom line.

Find Out More about Our Mental Health EMR and Billing Software

Once installed, the right EMR software can completely transform the way that both your patients and your staff operate, creating a smoother, and more targeted system that brings significant benefits. If you want to see how our mental health emr and billing software could work in your clinic, or want to know about what we offer, call us at (888) 400-3201.