AZZLY® for Tribal Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Clinics

AZZLY® provides a comprehensive digital health solution for Tribal behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment clinics.

“I have worked with several EMR programs though out my career and most feel like are developed by programmers and the clinical staff have to adapt to conform what the software is capable of. AZZLY has worked closely with our team to help develop an intuitive EMR that feels like it was developed by and for Clinicians. The process has been very supportive and they have worked diligently to implement special requests, making the software feel like our own.” – James Childers, Clinical Director of Lost River Treatment Center, operated by Modoc Nation

“The integration between AZZLY and Methware has been very successful for Lost River Treatment Center. The set up is easy and adding the patients from AZZLY to Methware was a breeze. It has made a few things easier, such as when charting on patients medications, I do not have to go to a separate computer to look at Methware. It is all now in AZZLY. It has also helped with making sure all information on patients is accurate.” Bobbie Crider, LPN, an AZZLY Rize user at Lost River Treatment Center

Electronic Health Records

AZZLY’s Integrated Care Pathways™ connects all the services provided to patient care, in order to help document “evidence-based treatment” and process payment. It’s a whole patient approach to care that includes medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and psychiatrists working to assess, monitor and maintain the physical health of individuals served so that psychologists, therapists and counselors continue the focus on recovery and daily living activities.

Medication Assisted Treatment

AZZLY integrates DrFirst® for seamless e-prescribing and state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP )check for history. The added integration of Methware™ Basic empowers Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) providers to streamline their clinical processes and efficiently treat more patients for opioid use disorder while offering step down alternative medications and levels of care. Schedule, check in, dispense, provide clinical services and process billing. Need to order labs- seamless.


Schedule Telehealth sessions in the AZZLY Rize calendar, check them in, document your meeting notes and auto bill. Stay HIPAA-compliant and make your life easier as you serve clients remotely with a unique matching criteria- match patients to clinicians.

Revenue Cycle Management

AZZLY’s RCM/Billing solution is a point-and-click system designed by billers for billers to eliminate clicks and increase accuracy. Billers can bill 7 days of charges in 30 seconds to create and send to payer. Accuracy claims means faster reimbursement, and those who bill through AZZLY Rize have 98% first-time pass rate. This is an ideal solution for organizations who are looking to bring billing in-house or a billing company that is looking to speed their billing by having records and Availity clearinghouse connected.

Patient Engagement

A market study in 2020 identified AZZLY as a “Key Player in the Global Patient Care Management Software Market.” Through a partnership with Citus Health®, AZZLY will be introducing a modern patient engagement platform to speed the intake and admissions process and help bridge the gap between provider, patient, family, guardians and court.

Learn More About AZZLY®

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